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Peronalized Treatment
On your first visit, you will be given a full assessment. Factors such as age, occupation, postural issues and more is recorded and analysed so we can get to the bottom or your pain issue.
Treatment is available for all ages.
Whether it be work related pain, postural issues, stress related factors, an injury or just a plain mystery pain that is making you miserable, we aim to get to the bottom of the issue and provide a solution!
We work to your preferred pressure - whether that be deep work or gentle. Everyone is different and has a varied level of pain threshold.

Massage Techniques
Many modalities are used to provide pain relief. Often a mixture of techniques are used. Here are some example of the techniques you may expect.
Deep Tissue Massage
This is a slow technique that works through the muscle, starting gently and then working deeper and deeper through the layers of muscle and fascia.
Trigger Point Therapy
A very effective technique pinpointing "knotted" areas in the muscles to work them away.
Sports Massage
A strong and vigorous massage to "wake up" the muscles and get the blood flowing.
Myofascial Release
This very gentle technique is ideal to stretch both the fascia and the muscle and help free up joints and tissue.



Amazing Results
There is nothing like happy clients. 


Roslyn Brett

Liz is a lovely person who is very thorough in determining the source of the problem and then applying the appropriate treatment. I am impressed by her knowledge & skill and am always pleased with the result. I have no hesitation in recommending her service

Sophie Marie

Absolutely Fantastic

I had a really tight shoulder and my arms were always tense due to my lengthy piano practices and was recommended to go to Liz for a massage and she has done a fantastic job loosening my shoulder and arms. She is effective, efficient and a lovely person to talk too. I’d definitely go again

Desmond Parr

I am a few months off 84 years of age, I go to see Liz with the usual ageing aches and pains and I always walk out with a new zest for life, Liz is the best.



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